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Past Productions

Silappadhikaaram - a story of women of substance

The Production

Silappadhikaaram is conceived as a historical dance drama. G. Narendra, CCA's artistic director, is the choreographer and Bombay Jayashri Ramnath has been commissioned to compose the music. Kanimozhi, with her deep knowledge of Sangam literature, is creating the lyrics and the narrative script. In keeping with its theme and locale, Silappadhikaaram is being choreographed in the classical and folk dance forms of South India.

Silappadhikaaram will be performed by about twelve dancers, led by Mahalakshmi. The dancers are all professionals of merit, several of whom have performed in CCA's productions. The music will be professionally recorded, as it was for Jungle Book and Living Tree. This will enable CCA to use a wide range of professional musicians, with some playing instruments of the period. As with CCA's earlier productions, the music will enhance the appeal and excitement of Silappadhikaaram.

Verses, directly from the original Silappadhikaaram, from other Sangam era literature and composed by Kanimozhi for this production, will form the lyrics and the narrative. As these will be in Sangam and contemporary Tamil, the narrative will incorporate English so as to reach a wider audience.

The production is being planned as a costume drama, as authentically represented as the choreography will permit. Sets will be planned with a touring company in mind. This will necessarily require us to keep them simple, yet suggestive of the Sangam era.