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The Living Tree - a folk tale set in a village

The Living Tree

The Living TreeAt its simplest level, The Living Tree is a folk tale set in a village. It is about the relationship between a loving girl and her beloved tree. Where is this village? Why, it is wherever humans and other beings cohabit. The girl lives in a rural home, next to a tree. Sensing that the tree is a kindred spirit, she waters it faithfully. Under her loving care, the tree grows large and provides shade, fruit and firewood to the villagers. But the girl's sister-in-law, annoyed that the girl shows more devotion to the tree than to her household chores, eventually persuades her husband to arrange a marriage for the girl that will take her far away.

The Living TreeBefore leaving, the girl entrusts the care of her beloved tree to her sister-in-law, not realizing that the latter has no appreciation of the tree. Before long, the tree begins to lose its leaves and wilts. Mysteriously, the girl's brother falls ill at the same time. There is a drought and the selfish villagers who were thriving on natures bounty, are suddenly reduced to fighting for suvival. The girl, sensing impending disaster, rushes back to her home. She sees the dying tree and runs to find water for it, first giving some to her brother. Magically, the tree is revived, and the brother too is restored to health. Clearly, man and nature share a common soul and each depends on the other for survival.
The Living Tree is available now for performances in India. It is a show that can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.