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Past Productions

The Living Tree - a folk tale set in a village

Note from the Producer

The Living Tree is inspired by Shel Silverstein's beloved story,"The Giving Tree" and is based on an ancient Indian folk tale "The Mango Tree". This production also draws on the concept of the oneness of all beings argued in the Upanishads, India's ancient philosophical texts.

Values such as sharing and caring, generosity of spirit and strong relationships between friends and family, these are the ideals that Mr. Silverstein so eloquently and movingly portrayed in his simple little story. These are the ideals that the production seeks to portray.

This production is set in an Indian village, more because that setting provides a canvas on which can be painted all the colorful and vibrant characters and characteristics of Indian villages, than due to anything innately Indian in the theme. After all, it was Shel Silverstein who provided the inspiration. The setting also enables the use of a wide variety of dance styles - classical, folk, South Indian and North Indian - and a corresponding variety in music.

Narasimhan's music and Narendra's choreography attempt to capitalize on the fullness of the setting and the timelessness of the theme. They glide from classical to folk, from South Indian to North Indian, from Indian to Western and from ancient to contemporary.

The Living Tree is CCA's first production with a message We have endeavored to deliver the message effectively, artistically, entertainingly and lighthandedly. Your appreciation will be the mark of our success.