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Past Productions

Jaya Jaya Devi


This was CCA's first production. CCA commissioned Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman to compose the music and the lyrics, and Shrimathi Radha to choreograph the ballet. This dance drama celebrated the omnipotence of Devi, or the female aspect of the Divinity. Each aspect of Devi was represented by a different dancer, all of whom were carefully chosen by CCA. Notable among them were Mahalakshmi as Uma, Anita Ratnam as Durga and Sreelatha Rajamoney as the female aspect of Ardhanareeswara. G. Narendra played the role of Shiva, and P.C.Ramakrishna in the role of Nandi provided the narrative links between the sequences. CCA undertook the entire production of this lyrical ballet as well as its N.American tour of 25 cities where it played to sold out audiences.