Modern Perspective. Ancient Traditions. Timeless Values.

"The detailed research, the excellent yet unobtrusive musical score, the sensitive dance choreography and tasteful costumes had come together seamlessly in a vibrant panorama. This could not have been achieved without individual and collective passion... this is a must-see' programme"
- The Hindu, Rupa Srikanth (September 12 2006)

"A meaningful theme with a sharp relevance to the present, arresting choreography, music that effortlessly ranges from the classical to the folk, and vibrant, well researched costumes..."
- Kausalya Santhanam, The Hindu, (September 2006)

Past Productions

Ekaantha Seetha - a lonely furrow

Principal Performers

Rathna KumarRathna Kumar is a dancer, choreographer, musician and teacher. Anjali, the center for performing arts that she established in Houston in 1975, has trained over 2000 students from all over the U.S. Rathna has received numerous honours, both for her excellence as a dancer and for her pioneering contributions as a teacher and promoter of classical performing arts. She is a recipient of grants from the National Endowment for the Arts. A multi faceted artist, she is a Suma Cum Laude graduate of English literature from the University of Madras. An articulate and expressive communicator in English as well as several Indian languages, she brings to this production a creative new dimension. She is the artistic director of Samskriti in Houston and a member of UNESCO's International Dance Council.

Sreelatha VinodSreelatha Vinod, a Bharatha Natyam dancer of exceptional elegance, subtlety and grace, is fast gaining repute as a highly creative choreographer. Her production, Poornachandrika, was staged at Singapore's prestigious Victoria Theatre in 2004. Sreelatha has performed widely in North America and is remembered fondly by Cleveland cultural Alliances' audiences for her major roles in Abhyaasa and The Jungle Book,( a co-production of Ohio Ballet, CCA, Bharata Kalanjali and Cuyahoga Community College). Sreelatha is a disciple of the Dhananjayans. She and her family moved from Singapore to Chennai, India in 2005.

Sujatha SrinivasanSujatha Srinivasan, in addition to being highly acclaimed and honored as a scintillating Bharatha Natyam dancer, also teaches the art form and choreographs and produces Bharatha Natyam productions in collaboration with other professional dancers. Triveni, Natya Sangamam, Swagatham Krishna, Ahimsa and Pibare Krishnarasam are some of her productions. She is a disciple of Chitra Visweswaran, S. K. Rajarathnam Pillai, U. Laxminarayan and Kalanidhi Narayanan. Sujatha is based in suburban Cleveland, USA. She is the director of Shri Kalaamandir, a center for Indian performing arts.

Pavithra SrinivasanPavithra Srinivasan is an aptly named classical dancer, for the hallmarks of her dancing are purity and sensitivity. She has given well over a hundred performances, including many in prestigious venues such as the Madras Music Academy, the Krishna Gana Sabha, etc. She has recently established the Institute of Dance and Vedic Heritage Teaching in Plainsboro, New Jersey and continues to teach at the Arsha Vidhya Gurukulam in Pennsylvania. She is a disciple of Arvind, Radha, Nirmala Ramachandran, Seetha Rama Sarma and Kalanidhi Narayanan.