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Ekaantha Seetha - a lonely furrow


In mythology, as in parables, in literature as in fables and in history as in everyday life, there have been, as there continue to be, inspirational women who were forced by circumstances to plough a lonely furrow. In mythical Hindu theology, Sita, Sanskrit for furrow, was exiled, despite her surmounting a voluntary test by fire, by the misguided morality of an honourable husband and forced to deliver and raise her twin sons in a jungle hermitage. Raise them she did, as heroes whose valour exceeded that of their mighty uncles and their famed father.

In recent Indian history, the freedom movement was launched by the demure determination of an accidental monarch, Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi. Widows of the time either stepped into their husbands' funeral pyre or retreated into prayer. Lakshmi Bai was forced by the self-serving servility of scheming Indian rulers and opportunistic empire builders to fight for the freedom of her people, for her own life and that of her infant son. She died a heroic death and gave birth to the freedom movement.

Aparajitha is one among thousands of women of unheralded courage in today's India. Born in a stiflingly traditional rural community, she is fortunate to be led by an enlightened teacher, but Fortune frowns on her in most other respects. Aparajitha, however, isn't one to be beaten by others. She too ploughs a lonely furrow, pushing against the rocks and boulders of unthinking tradition and leads her community toward a less constrained future.

Ekaantha Seetha is a celebration of women of such extraordinary courage and character, of such gumption and grace. We reap the harvests of the loosened fields of lonely furrows ploughed by such women.