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Past Productions

Ekaantha Seetha - a lonely furrow

Other important Contributors

K. PrashanthDr. K. Prashanth - a Professor at Vivekananda College, Chennai with a scholarly passion for Sanskrit, India's classical language, wrote those verses for episode Vaidehi, that needed to be translated from the English script prepared by Ranjitha. He followed the same pattern as the verses of Valmiki and has given us evocative and thoughtful translations that have been musically set for dance. He has written several books in Sanskrit and a collection of poems in Telugu and Tamizh. He has had training in Bharatha Natyam and Carnataka Sangeetham, which has helped him understand the subtleties and nuances of composing verses for dance

S.RaghuramanDr. S. Raghuraman - a respected scholar of Tamizh and a Tamizh language Professor at A.M. Jain College, Chennai, has written some of the Tamil lyrics for episode Aparajitha. An ardent admirer of classical dance and music, he has a great interest in Bharata Natyam and works with several artists who wish to choreograph fresh works in Tamizh. He was the resource person for the Thirukkural dance production of the Dhananjayans.

Rajny Krishnan who has designed the masks in this production, is a sculptor based in Chennai. She has a passion for form and line and has associated with Bharatha Naatyam from childhood. Her sculptures represent life's inherent rhythm and harmony. She says "creating theses masks was a pleasant creative extension for me."