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"The detailed research, the excellent yet unobtrusive musical score, the sensitive dance choreography and tasteful costumes had come together seamlessly in a vibrant panorama. This could not have been achieved without individual and collective passion... this is a must-see' programme"
- The Hindu, Rupa Srikanth (September 12 2006)

"A meaningful theme with a sharp relevance to the present, arresting choreography, music that effortlessly ranges from the classical to the folk, and vibrant, well researched costumes..."
- Kausalya Santhanam, The Hindu (September 2006)

Past Productions

Ekaantha Seetha - a lonely furrow

Creative Team

V.P. and Shanta DhananjayanChoreographers: V.P. and Shanta Dhananjayan
It is almost impossible to think of a couple who have contributed as much to Indian classical dance - as performers, teachers, choreographers and champions - as the Dhananjayans. From their start as leading student-performers in the legendary mythological productions of Kalakshetra almost five decades ago, to their establishment of two excellent institutions, Bharata Kalanjali in Chennai and Bhaaskara in Kerala, of their own, they have indeed been an extremely hard act to follow. These institutions train some of the best professionals in classical dance and music for dance. Audiences around the world, particularly in North America, have been enthralled by many of their wonderful productions- Sita Rama Katha, Sanghamitra Mahabharatam, the multi cultural productions, Jungle Book - The Adventures of Mowgli and The Twain Shall Meet, being among the best known.
Cleveland Cultural Alliance has worked in close collaboration with the Dhananjayans since it was founded in 1991. It is most fitting that in celebrating CCA's fifteenth year, they will once again play crucial roles as both choreographers and performers in its 2006 production, Ekaantha Seetha.

T.V.GopalakrishnanMusic Composer: Professor T.V.Gopalakrishnan
He is popularly known, is a rare blend of scholarship, artistry and versatility. He is a highly respected singer of both Carnataka Sangeetham (disciple of Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar) and Hindustani music (disciple of Pundit Krishnanand) and a doyen among mridhangam players. As a percussionist, he has been sought after by all the leading Carnataka Sangeetham vocalists for decades and, quite amazingly, has also performed along with Pundit Ravi Shankar, the incomparable Ustad Alla Rakha, George Harrison, Pierre Favre and John Handy, among others. TVG was a professor of music at the Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani and has established an institute of classical music in Chennai, India. CCA is indeed honoured that Ekaantha Seetha represents TVG's maiden effort as a composer for a dance drama.

Ranjitha AshokScript concept and outline: Ranjitha Ashok
She is a freelance writer and columnist. She co-authors a bi-weekly humor column for a local newspaper, "Madras Musings." A compilation of the columns was recently published as a book titled Chennai Latte - A Madras Brew, which is now in its second printing. She has worked with historian and journalist S.Muthiah on several Chennai based biographical and historical book projects. She has also published a book of mini biographies for young adults by Penguin India.
Ranjitha worked closely with CCA on the previous production, Silappadhikaaram... a story of women of substance. She wrote the English translations of the Tamil narrative and also put together a book on the epic, presenting expert views from historians, scholars and academics as well as an overview on the making of the production.

Lakshmi SrinathCostume Designer: Lakshmi Srinath
Lakshmi's specialization in Fine Arts and training under eminent artist A.V.Ilango gives form to her desire for artistic expression through her paintings and her garment creations. Earthy, culture related creativity pervades the expanse of her work, in vivid colors and decorative elements. Lakshmi has participated in several group exhibits in India and France and was awarded the Prix de la Peinture Contemporaine of the Societe Lyonnaise des Beaux Arts, Lyons in 2002. She recently held a successful showing in London at the Nehru Centre. Her well researched period costumes for Silappadhikaaram.. a story of women of substance, had been acclaimed for their authenticity and elegance of colors and designs. Lakshmi is now beginning to research and plan the costumes for Ekaantha Seetha, that will span multiple millennia.

Lakshmi KrishnamurthySet Designer: Lakshmi Krishnamurthy
She is better known, is a gifted alumnus of and a visiting professor in the College of Fine Arts, Kalakshetra, Chennai, specializing in Tanjore paintings, Cochin murals, Jaipur frescoes and temperas and other classical and folk Indian art forms. Her work has been exhibited widely, both within India and elsewhere. She has researched and presented papers on South Indian temple architecture, mural paintings and folk art and sculpture. In addition to painting, her expertise extends to designing and executing decors for major events such as conferences, weddings, etc.