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Abhyaasa - the journey toward perfection

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"The world premier of Abhyaasa was exceptionally brilliant and successful, the choreography, dancers and vocalist all vying with one another to better each other." "Informality of style and modernity in conception and execution, yet not veering away from the conventional parameters of traditional dance were the striking features of the captivating dance drama, Abhyaasa."
Savitri Menon, News Today, Chennai

"It is very difficult, sometimes impossible to adequately portray the subject 'Gurukulavasam' in a single show...(the artistes) attempted to present just a few important aspects of the master-pupil relationship. One must concede that the flavor of dance training schools of yore were adequately portrayed."
K.S.Mahadevan, Indian Express, Chennai

"Abhyaasa is an outstanding example of a flawless presentation of perfect synchronisation between dance and music that was further enhanced by the sublime effect of appropriate settings and lighting."
Indo American News