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Past Productions

Abhyaasa - the journey toward perfection


Produced and presented by CCA, Abhyaasa recreates the Gurukulam, an ancient educational system of India Students lived with the Guru or teacher in his home and imbibed his practice of tradition, culture and art.

A dance-theatre exposition, this production does not follow the standard format of a Bharatanatyam performance. The emphasis is on practice with interludes of instruction.With seasoned dancers like Bragha Bessel, G. Narendra, Sreelatha Vinod Kumar, Mahalakshmi and C.A. Joy, breaking into fascinating improvisation and supported by Carnatic singer, O.S. Arun, Abhyaasa transported audiences back to an environment in which one's senses and sensibilities were more engaged than one's intellect. It was choreographed by G.Narendra and also by Adyar K. Lakshman, who filled the role of the Guru.