Teacher & Mentor

Dr. S. RevathyAn authority on Sanskrit doctrine, in literature, philosophy and theology, the late Dr. S. Revathy was widely sought-after at gatherings of stellar Sanskrit scholars not only in India but all over the world. In her 26 year career she had published numerous notable books, some of which are considered the mainstay of any library of Sanskrit.

Her treatises included the critical study of Nyaya and Advaita Vedanta, the Upanishads, Buddhism, Sri Vaisnavism and closer to the subject here, the exploration of ideas and expressions in the works of Kalidasa. These won her wide acclaim and numerous awards from distinguished organisations. Her stature was reflected in the fact that in September 2009, the Ministry of Human Resources Development of the Government of India nominated Dr. S. Revathy to attend the 14th World Sanskrit Conference, held at Kyoto University in Japan.

Dr. S. RevathyTeaching was Dr. S. Revathy's natural calling. A witty, engaging and stimulating speaker, moving easily across English, Tamil and Sanskrit, she was beloved
of the students of Madras University where she was Professor of Sanskrit for over ten years. It was this quality of drawing people to her classes that made Bombay Jayashri seek her out to read, elucidate and teach Kalidasa's poem
to the Meghadootam team of choreographers and dancers, who listened spellbound. How well they assimilated the spirit of Meghadootam, thanks in large part to Dr. S. Revathy's mentoring is better seen and experienced than described.

In March of 2014, even as Meghadootam went into rehearsals, Dr. S. Revathy died of a sudden heart attack, at the mere age of 54. Her untimely demise has left a huge void not only in the world of Sanskrit but in our hearts. That the production has shaped as beautifully as it has done is the best homage we can pay this great teacher.