This Love Missive was Magical, July 31, 2014, The Hindu
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Sorrow so exquisite!, July 24, 2014, The Hindu
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"Meghadootham - the story unfolded as if wafting along an almost leisurely, yet poignant, path�.something shimmering and dreamy about the entire experience, both for the eyes and ears�."
Ranjitha Ashok, Chennai

"Congratulations on this beautiful labor of love, so ethereal and almost like a gossamer veil...thanks for bringing Kalidasa to us."
Urmila Krishnamurthi, Chennai

"It was really difficult to decide which I enjoyed more � the music or the dance. What a treat."
Sushi N, Chennai

"It was a spectacular show. The dancing, the dancers, the choreography, the music and sound arrangement, the costumes and the lighting came together seamlessly in a spellbinding performance. It's hard to single out any one talent, they were all splendid.

But some specifics come to mind.

The faultless timing, coordination and light footed dancing. The peacocks - they were enchanting! The energy and joyousness of the Ujjain sequence, coming after the eloquent sadness and grief of the yaksha, provided rich dramatic relief.

The powerful bhasmaarti. The yaksha /megha who unites exquisitely with his beloved...only to find it is but a dream - exquisitely poignant. (How magically the yakshi disappeared from the yaksha's arms into the shadows!)

The closing climactic scene. The shadowy spirits coming together and the real lovers, still separate but elated for having been able to convey their longing to one another. (It was like receiving a love letter in the old days - one could live off it for weeks!)

The costumes and jewellery, so tastefully and imaginatively designed and fitted. The dancers, every single one of them, the men and the girls, stirring faces and nimble feet, fluid arms and incredible stretches - superb! The brilliant lighting that made one forget there was no set at all.

And the music - so appropriate, so melodious, so grand...and the sound effects - percussion, rhythm, recitation, chanting, birds, thunder, water, rain, torrential rain!� In the end, as we left the hall in enthralled silence, we almost expected a downpour outside the Academy..


Suguna Swamy, Chennai

" I cannot find an appropriate word to express the beauty, the solace and the joyous music of this fantastic production, Meghadootam ! It is on such a high pedestal that it should adorn theatres the world over.

The verses of Kalidasa came alive with such clear diction. The music was so pleasing and yet so classical with the joyous folk tunes intertwined with the lilting swaras� both the male and female voices so soothing. Hats off to Jayashri and all the team. �..A theme comparatively abstract has been depicted with such grace and precision, the rigidity of the Kalakshetra style has been toned with feathery touches and graceful nuances. The costumes were subtle and the lighting pleasant and subdued, though at times, one wished to see the dancers in a little brighter light�atleast when the sun appears , stealing the moon away to the yearning of the Yaksha"

Seetha Chidambaram, Chennai