Cleveland Cultural AllianceModern

For more than two decades, CCA (Cleveland Cultural Alliance), established by Uma Ganesan, has been committed to the belief that dance - professionally produced and passionately realized - is a universal language that bridges status, culture and generation.

In addition, CCA's mission is to bring a fresh, clear understanding of the Indian performing arts before a broad and diverse audience.

Involved in every area of production, CCA plans stage, sets, lighting design and costumes to present an experience unique to each story and theme. Specialists in these fields use their expertise, insight, and passion to help bring to life the depth and emotion of the narrative.

Consequently, CCA always collaborates with the best; dancers and choreographers, musicians and composers, and designers of set, costumes and lights all of whom embody the dedication and vision that is necessary to reach a diverse and demanding audience in India and abroad. To this end, CCA sets a clear, professional standard, both on and off the stage.

The organisation has always sought to connect the contemporary to the classical, reaching people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, finding exciting ways to meld Indian classical dance with other traditions, stories, and visions, to craft productions that are both timeless and timely - entertaining and relevant

And through entertainment, CCA also educates and promotes understanding. For every production, free shows are provided to those who could not otherwise afford to attend. Outreach programs are created, organised and produced to take dance to everyone.

And now, CCA reaches further with Meghadootam, an operatic ballet sung in ancient, classical, melodious Sanskrit, performed in a classical Indian dance style, and staged with a contemporary perspective. The hope is that Sanskrit returns to us as a language that can be appreciated for its eloquence, elegance and expressiveness. And what better medium than movement and melody, to convey to a universal audience, the richness of Sanskrit's heritage.