Costume Designer

Like different strands of a beautiful piece of woven fabric, Lakshmi Srinath's inspired aesthetics come into play in whatever she creates: painting, sculpture or costume design.

After obtaining a degree in Fine Arts from the Stella Maris College, Chennai and subsequent instruction from her guru, the artist A.V.Ilango, Lakshmi charted her own path very quickly, expanding her artistic world and creating a unique identity. In 2002 she won her first international accolade at Salon de Printemps at the Societe Lyonnaise des Beaux Arts, Lyons, France followed by a solo exhibition at the prestigious Nehru Centre, London in 2005.

Lakshmi the designer has created costumes for several dance productions such as Silappathikaaram, a story of women of substance and Ekantha Seetha - A Lonely Furrow, both presented by CCA; for 'Sivanai Patri' and 'Avalum Nokkinaal', both featuring Priyadarshini Govind; and most recently, 'Angkor - An Untold Story', by Apsaras Arts, Singapore, where she created specialized costumes and jewelry for the lead artist. She regularly designs also for theatre shows in her home city, Chennai. In all these productions, the costume design reflects a uniformly brilliant pattern in thought and execution.

Despite this enormous output, Lakshmi re-invents her oeuvre with every production, constantly revealing how imaginative costume design can enhance the stage experience.