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About Cleveland Cultural Alliance

Established in 1991, Cleveland Cultural Alliance (CCA) has, for the last two decades, been committed to the idea that dance - professionally produced and passionately realized - is a universal language that bridges status, culture and generation. Our mission is to bring a fresh, clear understanding of Indian performing arts to a broad and diverse audience. CCA is also established as a non-profit organization in India as Cleveland Cultural Alliance(India).

CCA, and its artists, have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in all its productions, as well as a compellingly original vision. Every production presented has been unique, as CCA strives continuously to push boundaries and bring imagination to life.

Involved in every area of production, CCA plans stage, sets, lighting design and costumes to complement an unique experience. Specialists in these fields bring their expertise, insight, and passion to help bring to life the depth and emotion of the story itself.

To accomplish this mission, we have consistently collaborated with the best; working with dancers and choreographers, musicians and composers, and designers of set, costumes and lights who all embody the dedication and vision that we believe is necessary to reach a diverse and demanding audience. CCA sets a clear, professional standard, both on and off the stage.

"Today, the CCA is being recognized as an organization dedicated to quality performances and a large measure of professionalism."
- Femina (September 23 1995)

"CCA is a strong promoter of cultural links between India and N. America. CCA's exclusive ballets were much appreciated wherever they were staged.."
- Indian Express (March 2004)

"By exposing global audiences to quality group performances in a manner that they can relate to and identify with, the CCA has grown credibly and is known for its exceptional performances."
- Femina (July 1 2004)

"CCA is the best professional administrative organization in America bringing professional-caliber artists from India,"
- V.P. Dhananjayan, as said to Wilma Salisbury of The Cleveland Plain Dealer (September 2006)

We have always sought to connect the contemporary to the classical, reaching people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, while maintaining the truth and essence of traditional dance. CCA brings different cultures together, finding exciting ways to meld Indian classical dance with other traditions, stories, and visions, to craft productions that are both timeless and timely - entertaining and relevant.

And through entertainment, we also educate and promote understanding. For every production, CCA provides free shows to those who could not otherwise afford to attend. We create, organize and promote outreach programs to bring dance to everyone.

And now, CCA reaches further. An operatic dance theatre ballet on film. Dorje's story will be seen and felt by so many more. And that is the ultimate goal.